Collars and leads for Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Leather keyrings K01

As an accessory to our collars, we offer original leather keyrings, decorated with characteristic gold or silver ironwork.

  • Fittings: 2 Staff Knot
  • Fittings colours: brass, chrome
  • Leather colours: black, red-brown, natural, white, blue and red

Staffordshire Bull Terrier pewter pins PP01

Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeders are very proud to wear the symbol of their dog on the lapel of their jackets. The characteristic dog head is cast from zinc alloy and comes in gold or silver.

  • Fittings: 2 Dog Head Staff
  • Fittings colours: brass, chrome

Beware of the Dog Warning Sign BS01

A warning sign informing guests about an excited dog living in the house. The sign is made of zinc alloy, it is silver with embossed letters for easy reading. Size: 5 cm / 18 cm / 0.5 cm.

  • Fittings: 2 Staff Knot
  • Fittings colours: chrome

Metal dog tags

A number of pets gets lost or runs away during their lives. If they have no identification data, they have nowhere to be returned and end up in an animal shelter in the better case. The purpose of identification tags is to enable the owner of the dog to individually identify the dog with an original dog tag which can be engraved with data helping to return the lost dog home.

It is possible to engrave text or even graphic elements on the tag. The tags are manufactured using an NC engraving machine and are made of brass (gold), or stainless steel (silver). The engraved spaces are painted black, unless the customer wishes only colourless engraving. You may use the prepared dog silhouettes as a model or send your own design.

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