Half check collars – HC01

Half check leather collars – HC01,
Fittings: 1 line Clincher Link, 2 Staff Knot, DogTag

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Half check leather collars with chain  

Inner circumference With Half check leather collars, the classic buckle is replaced by a chain and the collar is put on by pulling it over the dog's head.

The Half check collar serves mainly for dog training or for exhibitions, it is required to use welded links and material which doesn't soil the fur. 

It is always necessary to consider the safety of the collar and also that it is firm enough for the given breed.


Table sizes of half check leather collars with chain

SizeInner circumference of the collar - loose chainInner circumference of the collar - tightened chain
33 HC

33 cm

13 in

25 cm

9,8 in

35 HC

35 cm

13,8 in

27 cm

10,6 in

39 HC

39 cm

15,4 in

30 cm

11,8 in

40 HC

40 cm

15,7 in

32 cm

12,6 in

43 HC

43 cm

16,9 in

35 cm

13,8 in

45 HC

45 cm

17,7 in

37 cm

14,6 in

48 HC

48 cm

18,9 in

40 cm

15,7 in

50 HC


19,7 in

42 cm

16,5 in

53 HC


20,9 in

45 cm

17,7 in


Prime fittings in solid brass and chrome

1 line Clincher Link, 2 Staff Knot, DogTag

clincher link Staff KnotDogTag





Half check leather collars Slade Czech are manufactured from high-quality, 4 mm thick cow-hide which is manufactured in tanneries from vegetable-tanned oxhide smooth leather, which is leather from oxen, bulls and cows.

The collars are made in these colours: black, red-brown, natural, white, blue, red and purple. The collar consists of a top and bottom part, the total thickness after sewing is 8 mm. The top part is fitted with gold or silver ironwork.

Black Brown Natural White Blue RedPurple

The bottom part is smooth, ensures comfortable wearing, doesn't damage the dog's fur and increases the firmness of the collar. Both parts are hand-sewn together using saddlery thread in the same colour as the leather used, the stitches are anchored in grooves, so the thread is protected from abrasion.

The leather collar may be supplemented by an identification tag where the dog's name or the owner's contact info may be engraved. The tags are made using an NC engraving machine and  are made of brass and gold or silver-plated brass - silver. 

The quality leather and decorative ironwork withstands humidity and, together with careful workmanship and hand sewing, give the collar a very long life span.

Leather product care is also important. If these products aren't maintained regularly, their life span may shorten. We recommend oiling the new product with leather balm before first use, so it is soft and supple. Products may show differences in the leather shade or design, which is not a defect, but guarantees the genuineness of the natural material.


These products are made on bespoke. Delivery time can be up to 20 days.